Where to Look for Mould in the Kitchen

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June 24, 2019 in Mould Removal

Keeping the house clean isn’t always a tenant’s first priority. Thanks to excess heat and moisture generated by cooking, household appliances and more, the kitchen is a prime spot for mould growth. If you are inspecting a property, here’s where to check for mould in the kitchen and some tips on how to prevent it.

  1. Be mindful of humidity
    Cooking and boiling water generates steam that causes humidity levels to rise in the kitchen. Humidity is mould’s friend, so do yourself a favour by making sure that your cooker has a robust, fully-functioning ventilation system in place. Remember to open windows and doors to boost the circulation of fresh air.
  2. Check cabinets and cupboards
    These closed, often dark spaces can become a breeding ground for mould if they contain moist food or objects. Only store dry items here. Watch out for water leaks in under-sink cupboards, too, and be quick to repair any damaged pipes or taps. Mould thrives in damp, light-deprived conditions!
  3. Check walls and windows
    These surfaces can easily collect moisture caused by the heat of cooking or using appliances. Mould grows in moist conditions, so help surfaces to dry out by keeping your kitchen well ventilated.
  4. Wash up your dirty dishes!
    Not only is this generally a good thing to do (especially if you’re expecting guests!), but it also helps to keep mould out. The combination of moisture and food remnants encourages mould growth and even washed dishes can develop mildew if they are stacked away when still wet. In short, keep dishes clean and dry.
  5. Empty rubbish bins
    It goes without saying that kitchen bins are a hot spot for mould, particularly if they contain moist food waste. Try not to let rubbish accumulate by emptying your bins regularly.
  6. Keep your fridge clean
    Gone-off food at the back of your fridge? Get rid of it! Prevent mould growth by regularly checking the condition of your food and throwing out anything that is past its use by date or taking a turn for the worse. Keep the shelves and walls of your fridge clean as well.

By following the above steps you’ll be in a great position to stop mould from occurring! However, do not hesitate to call in the professionals if you already have a mould issue that is too big to tackle. Contact Mould Removal Australia on info@mouldremoval.net.au or 0300 681 034 for a free quotation and to find out how we can eliminate your mould problem for good.