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Aside from the unsightly appearance of black mould and the damage it can cause to your property and belongings, the health risks alone are serious enough to demand immediate attention.

Treating the symptoms of mould with domestic cleaners is often an ineffective, superficial solution to the issue. Mould Removal’s team of mould specialists employ the latest and most effective mould treatment techniques to ensure fast and comprehensive results.

Mould fogging targets and kills airborne mould spores, as well as providing a non-toxic coating to surfaces in your home.

Any type of mould treatment is going to be most effective when the cause of the mould has been clearly established. Mould Removal provides comprehensive Mould Causation and Prevention Reports throughout the Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford and Wollongong regions.

The Mould Removal process

Mould Removal uses specially formulated fungistat polymers in our mould fogging process. We choose products that are EPA registered and free from ammonia and harsh chemicals.

Mould fogging is an effective treatment for internal areas, sub-floors and roof voids of to ensure a healthy living environment. We recommend spraying treatments in sub-floor areas where the surface is primarily soil.

This approach allows us to safely treat large surface areas with non-toxic sodium based solutions that dry on the affected areas.

In turn, this makes it much easier to physically remove mould remnants from your home, without leaving behind traces of harmful chemicals.

Why choose a mould fogging professional?

Because mould is a plant-based organism that feeds on organic matter, it can spread quickly. Our mould fogging techniques ensure complete coverage, rather than just focusing on isolated areas.

Using a professional mould removal service alleviates the risks involved with ‘home remedies’, which can be hazardous and produce unsatisfactory results. At Mould Removal, we do not use bleach-based chemicals in our mould fogging and spray treatments. Our focus is on efficiently identifying the cause of the mould growth and dealing with the problem safely.

Got a question about our professional mould removal services? We are always happy to help – contact Mould Removal and chat with the experts on 1300 681 034 or email