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March 29, 2019 in Mould Removal

Over recent years, mould has gained traction and awareness amongst strata managers. Mould removal for strata managers has become a topic sparking frustration, confusion and heated emotions between strata managers, owners and residents.

However, mould removal and prevention is not as complicated as it seems. The best way to tackle mould is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are the top causes of mould in strata properties and how to prevent them from occurring.

What causes mould in strata properties? Here are some of the main culprits:

1 – Mould is caused by excess moisture

Residents typically shower early in the morning and then leave the property with all doors and windows closed. This traps in moisture, leaving behind the perfect humidity for mould to grow. In addition, leaks, condensation issues and other moisture problems are also key causes of mould.

2 – Mould in wardrobes

This is typically caused when items such as shoes and coats are placed inside while they are still wet and dirty from the rain and outdoors. The moisture gets trapped inside the wardrobe, and the dirt gives the mould something to feed off.

3 – Gas heating

Gas heating is another major cause of mould issues, especially in the winter. When gas heaters are operating, one of the main by-products is water vapour. A failure to properly ventilate the home means this water vapour is trapped in the property as moisture, the main cause of all mould problems.

4 – Lack of UV

Lack of UV light exposure. If blinds or curtains are left shut, natural sunlight cannot enter the home. This provides the perfect environment for mould to grow – unlike plants, mould won’t grow under UV light.


With this in mind, here are a few simple ways to help strata managers combat mould problems:

1 – Education and planning

The key to preventing mould is education and planning. Let your owners and residents know what causes mould, and put a plan in place to prevent it from occurring.

2 – Increase air circulation

Encourage your tenants to open windows to allow air circulation, especially after showering, cooking or heating. Turning a fan on for an hour in the morning or evening also helps with air circulation. Open windows. If they’re sash windows, open both the bottom and top to allow warm moist air to escape and cool dry air to enter. This is great for removing excess moisture.

3 – Don’t trap moisture

Don’t trap moisture inside cupboards – leave wet shoes or coats out to dry before they are returned to the wardrobe.

4 – Let the sunshine in

Let sunlight into the home. Open blinds and curtains to allow maximum exposure to UV light. Mould can’t grow in the sunshine!


Mould removal for strata managers shouldn’t be an over complicated and stressful issue to deal with. With sufficient education and the right plans in place, mould is easily prevented.

However, if you’re having issues with mould in a property, don’t let it get out of hand. The best thing to do if you suspect existing mould in the home is to call a professional to help assess the issues and identify what the causes are. Trying to clean mould yourself can sometimes make things worse.

Mould Removal Australia specialises in expert mould removal inspections, prevention and removal. Servicing strata managers across Sydney, Gosford and Newcastle, tell us about your mould issues and we’ll be more than happy to help.