Mould Prevention

August 23, 2016 in Mould Removal

Mould prevention is something we at are asked about every day, people are very concerned with the impact mould may have on their own health and well being as well as on their family. We are not qualified to give health advise but we can help our clients to understand what in the home and around the home may be impacting and increasing mold growth. There are many different factors that contribute to mould spores multiplying and often people become so caught up in the actual visual mould growth that they fail to identify the real cause or causes and until you understand the real cause/s then you will not be able to prevent an ongoing mould infestation from re occurring.

There are many devices and products  in the market place that claim to reduce excess moisture (supposedly to reduce mold growth) but really the most effective way to prevent mould is to identify why the mould t is growing and address that or those issues the old adage “prevention is better than cure”could not be more relevant than when preventing mould growth issues. Most mould businesses are really trying to up sell you some type of device or product that may or may not band aide or hide a mould problem but here at we actually prefer to help you understand why the mold is actually growing. There is so much wrong or misleading information available on the internet about mould yet so many people believe it to be factual when really its just a big shop selling you things some good and some not so good.

In most situations we do normally find that once we identify the causes of the mould growth and explain to you what is actually creating or adding to the mold problem then you have no difficulty in understanding the commonsense advice we provide that helps with any future mould prevention. Many appliances we use in our homes these days create mould issues and most of us already have other appliances that help to prevent mould so before you race out to buy something its much smarter to address the real issue/s with the tools you probably already have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your require any help with mould prevention in your home or unit.

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Note: We use two spellings of mould and mold for our international clients.