Mould In Your Home

May 24, 2013 in Mould Removal

As we all know, moulds are a necessary part of life and can serve very good purposes like leaf and vegetable matter decomposition, enhancement of certain foods and use in the medical industry. But it is the moulds found in our homes ability to destroy organic matter that becomes a problem not only to our dwellings but also our health.

An early stage of mould growth is also known as mildew. Both mildew and mould survive and reproduce on organic materials where moisture is present. Mould spores travel through the air and settle on surfaces. If this surface is then exposed to moisture and becomes damp, mould colonies will start to form and destroy the organic matter within 24-48 hours. The mould will continue to grow and spread to adjoining areas where both the organic matter and moisture is present.

Moisture or water damage in your home can be caused by a number of things including:

  • roof leaks

  • plumbing leaks

  • dripping taps

  • damp rooms below ground level

  • flooding

  • high humidity areas like bathrooms, laundries with driers & bedrooms with humidifiers

Until the moisture source is identified and eliminated, the mould will continue to grow. Whilst it is impractical to think that we can be free of mould in our home indefinitely, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the occurrence and severity of it appearing.

  • Fix water leaks by repairing roofs and gutters, replacing tap washers, fitting new pipework where needed.

  • Ensure outdoor landscaping creates water flow away from the house.

  • Keep clothing clean and stored in ventilated areas.

  • Reduce the humidity in your house with the use of fans, air conditioners, open windows and dehumidifiers.

mould removal

If you have a small amount of visible mould present clean it with concentrated disinfectant and take any of the steps mentioned above to keep it away. Mould releases its spores when disturbed so cleaning large amounts without taking precautions for containing the spread of it could result in a larger problem than you began with.

If you have a large amount of mould in your home or are unable to see the mould but can smell it (often a musty or foul odour) it is important to consult a professional mould removalist. They can help not only with the removal of the mould but also with determining the source of the moisture and future prevention of the problem occurring.

If your property has a mould problem and is located in the Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle areas contact the professionals at Mould Removal today on 0408 681034 or email for an obligation free quote to rid your property of potential health problems.