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We offer Professional Mould Removal in Watsons Bay.

Beautiful Watsons Bay is located on the end of the South Head peninsular in Sydney Harbour. The harbour-side suburb features a mixture of luxury modern homes and surviving colonial buildings. High moisture levels on the coast can contribute to mould outbreaks in all dwelling types, however older buildings tend to be more vulnerable.

Do you have any leaks in your home? If so, you could be at high risk of mould outbreaks. It thrives wherever moisture is present in your home and can go undetected inside wall recesses, and in ceiling spaces where you may not be aware of leaks. That’s why it’s important to arrange regular mould inspections by trusted mould removal specialists.

At Mould Removal Australia, we don’t just remove existing mould. We also ensure it won’t return with a thorough inspection of your ventilation, sub-floor, guttering, roof, plumbing and household appliances to identify any sources of mould-producing moisture. Contact our expert team to organise an inspection of your home today.