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We offer Professional Mould Removal at The Entrance.

The Entrance is surrounded by water on three sides and has been a thriving holiday destination on the Central Coast since the first guest house was constructed way back in 1885. Many older pre- and post-war homes in the suburb suffer from mould-causing leaks, which puts them under threat of potentially serious mould outbreaks.

Mould growth is bad news for your beloved home. It can grow anywhere moisture is present in your home, and can even propagate inside your walls and beneath your carpet after a spill. Airborne mould spores can also pose health risks to your family and trigger a range of respiratory illnesses.

Fortunately, you can put those fears aside with our Complete Treatment Service. Our Premium Eco Fogging System targets airborne mould spores and mould mites, and those hiding on your fittings, blinds, curtains, carpets and other surfaces. Contact the expert team at Mould Removal Australia to organise an inspection of your home.