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Say no-more to mould. Seaforth Mould Removal is here to help.

Can you see mould spores on your window sills, in the basement, in cupboards or around the sink? Your Seaforth home or property may be at risk of a mould-infestation. Consider this before you pick up your keys to head over to the closest department store to pick up some mould-removal spray: Off-the-shelf products aren’t as powerful as getting a professional mould removal clean and may result in cross-contamination.

At Mould Removal, we understand that inhaling airborne mould spores is directly linked to respiratory issues and ignoring mould issues puts your family at risk. That’s why we use mould fogging and spray. This solutions allows us to target and kill airborne mould spores and provide a non-toxic coating to surfaces to help eliminate the reappearance of mould growth.

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