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Looking for a professional Mould Removal team in Pyrmont? Look no further

Pyrmont, formally an industrial area. Now, a popular entertainment destination. People all over the world travel to Pyrmont to experience the City’s casino, dining, nightclubs, bars and shops. What people don’t travel to Pyrmont for is the mould-infested areas.

Anywhere can be a target to mould. Windows, basements, cupboards even damp shoes and clothing can create a breeding ground for the pests. Often, when people find mould in their homes or workplaces, they tend to use store-bought products to remove the mould. The issue with ‘off the shelf’ products is they generally don’t kill the bacteria and can spread the mould to other areas of the place. Therefore, it’s always safest to call in the professionals.

Our Mould Removal Pyrmont draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience to remove mould from your home or workplace. Instead of using harsh chemicals, we use natural, non-toxic, evidence-driven techniques to remove and prevent mould growth in your home.

If you think your home or workplace may be the breeding ground for mould or are generally interested in learning more then call us on 1300 681 034 or email our team on