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Our Potts Points Mould Removal professionals are here to help

Potts Point is a densely populated suburb located in the inner-city of Sydney. It’s also the home of continuously growing mould.

Mould is caused by excessive moisture in homes and businesses. The moisture often arises from leaking pipes, damaged rooves, damp basements and wet ground floors from damaged or untended spills. Mould can even make it’s way into wet clothing or damp shoes so it’s best to be prepared and prevent mould from occurring in the first place.

Let’s say you find some growing mould. It’s important you remove it from your home straight away to ensure the mould doesn’t spread or cause health risks to yourself or those around you. The main solution many people go for is ‘off the shelf’ solutions, however, often, these store-bought products can cause more harm then good. “Off the shelf products” usually aren’t strong enough to kill and remove the mould, causing it to spread around the home. Therefore, it’s usually best to give a team of professionals a call.

The team at Potts Point Mould Removal are experts when it comes to mould removal and prevention. We use all natural products (used to clean baby bottles and hospital equipment) plus non-toxic techniques so your home or business remains safe.

If you want to learn more about living a mould free life then contact our Mould Removal team today on 1300 681 034 or email us at info@mouldremoval.net.au.