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Professional mould removal in North Strathfield

Have you found mould in your North Strathfield home? Don’t ignore it.

Mould is not just an eyesore, it can be a health threat, too. Inhaling mould spores can cause nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, coughing and even lead to asthma.

You may be tempted to treat it yourself with some off-the-shelf mould removal products, but this isn’t a permanent solution. To kill mould for good you need to understand its source and treat it with professional-grade products.

Don’t risk mould in your home or business. The professional team at Mould Removal Australia can remove mould at its source and prevent it from returning.

Fast, safe, effective mould removal in North Strathfield

What makes us different?

At Mould Removal Australia, we keep it simple. We kill mould fast and make sure it doesn’t come back, but just killing the mould isn’t enough for us. We give you the expert advice you need to make sure you avoid mould infestations in the future.

When removing mould, we use a safe, concentrated disinfectant commonly used in sterilising drinking water. Amazing at killing mould, perfectly safe for use in your home.

We take a holistic approach to mould removal: from investigation to removing the mould at its source, killing airborne spores and preventing mould resurgence. We don’t cut corners, we care about doing a great job first time, every time.

We care about the environment – we are careful not to overuse our products, applying only what is necessary to treat the mould.

Mould removal and prevention you can trust in North Strathfield

Australian owned and operated, we are trusted by thousands of clients. Our results speak for themselves, check out some before and afters to see how much better – not to mention safer – your home or busines could look free from mould.

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