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Professional mould removal in Newtown

Got a mould problem?

It may be tempting to treat the mould yourself with a store-bought mould killer, but this is only a short-term solution. Not only do these treatments contain nasty chemicals, they are rarely 100% effective, meaning the mould is likely to grow back.

When you get a professional on the job, the mould stays gone.

Got a mould problem in Newtown? We’ll get rid of it quickly

The faster you take care of mould the better, and we are experts at killing mould fast.

Apart from being unattractive and smelling awful, mould can have serious health consequences. Continued exposure to mould spores can cause respiratory distress, congestion and wheezing – if you have mould in your home you should nip it in the bud and get it removed quickly.

We are committed to removing mould from homes in Newtown – we know how irritating mould can be and we care about making your home safer and more comfortable. We kill mould at its source and prevent it from coming back so you can go back to enjoying your home.

We are also committed to safety, and only use natural, safe, professional-grade mould removal products which won’t harm your home or the environment.

Mould removal that lasts

Our service involves more than just mould removal. We believe that prevention is always better than cure, so we offer expert advice on future mould prevention. When we remove the mould in your home, we make sure it stays gone.

We give you tailored advice on how to avoid mould returning to your home. We take a holistic approach to mould removal in Newtown, by investigating the underlying causes of the mould in your home, removing the mould and providing expert advice on preventing it from returning.

Get a free online quote and get your mould removal in Newtown sorted today.