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No-one wants a mould-infested property. Mould is caused by excessive moisture in homes and businesses. The moisture often arises from leaking pipes, damaged rooves, damp basements and wet ground floors from damaged or untended spills. It can even make its way into wet clothing or damp shoes.

If you find mould growing inside your home then it can be quite appealing to go to your local store and purchase all the mould-removal products in sight. This can often end up costing you time, money and no results. Some store-bought products aren’t powerful to fight mould and can increase the risk of cross-contaminating other areas of your home. Therefore it’s important to get professional help straight away to ensure the mould doesn’t spread or cause health risks for yourself or those around you.

Our Newport Mould Removal team are experts at mould removal and prevention. We use natural products (used to clean baby bottles and hospital equipment) plus non-toxic techniques so your home or business remains safe.

Take the proactive approach today and give Mould Removal Newport a call on 1300 681 034 for an obligation-free quote. Alternatively, email us at and get your home or business back to being a mould-free area.