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Your expert mould removal team in Neutral Bay. 

This in-demand harbour-side suburb is on the edge of Sydney CBD and dates back to early European settlement. Historic colonial-style homes still survive in the area and are joined by post-war residences, modern mansions and apartment buildings. Neutral Bay is prone to mould outbreaks, so all homeowners should understand the risks.

Moisture is mould’s best friend. If you have had troubles with leaks or condensation in your home, you could be at risk of a mould outbreak. Mould growth can occur all year in homes on Australia’s east coast, but you’ll need to be particularly vigilant during May to September. Organise a professional mould inspection of your home every six months to be safe.

Don’t just clean up one mould outbreak — put an end to mould in your home once and for all. Call in Mould Removal Australia to conduct a through inspection of hour home. Our experts will look for mould-causing moisture in your ventilation system, sub-floor, plumbing, roof and gutter to find the root cause of your mould problem and provide a long-term solution. Call us today to organise an inspection.