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Our expert Breakfast Point Mould Removal can help get rid of the mould in your home, fast.

Have you find mould inside your kitchen cabinet? Inside your shoes? Or possibly on the windowsill? If you have then you are at risk. As soon as mould infests your property, it will continue growing, cross-contaminating various regions of your Breakfast Point home.

There is however a simple solution. Our Breakfast Point mould removal professionals have been assisting families rid their home or property of mould for many years. The secret is understanding and managing typical reasons for mould growth like:

– Poor air flow
– Moisture build-up or condensation
– Rising damp
– Leakages

After we find out the cause of the mould we apply various approved mould eliminating products, which vary depending on the situation and surface. We then ‘fog’ the areas to destroy any existing mould spores and mould mites.

Ready to live a mould-free life? Make contact with Mould Removal Breakfast Point today to discuss the best approach to begin mould treatment in your home. Call 1300 681 034 or email us at