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Mould is a common issue faced by Moore Park

Moore Park is a small Sydney Suburb with a large area of parkland that is park of the Centennial Parklands. You might think living in a wide open-space saves you from living with bacteria. But don’t be fooled. Open parklands and residential areas are the breeding grounds for mould.

Have you ever walked into your house with wet shoes or clothing? If the answer is yes then your property may be at risk. When mould occurs in the home, it is crucial to immediately treat the site of the mould growth. This will help to ensure the health and safety of yourself, friends, visitors and your family, as well as reduce the damage that untreated mould can cause to surfaces and materials in your home.

If you think your home may be infected with mould then give our Moore Park Mould Removal team a call on 1300 681 0344 or email us at We can provide professional and safe mould removal services to ensure the mould is treated effectively and doesn’t spread. We can also take you on the path to living a long-term mould-free lifestyle.