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We offer professional Mould Removal services in Marayong

Marayong is located in Greater Western Sydney and was mostly a rural farming area up to the 1960s. Today, it’s home to a mixture of retro post-war housing and more modern homes. Older homes that are prone to leaks are particularly vulnerable to mould outbreaks, but all residents should consider organising professional mould inspections every six months.

Mould in your home comes with a range of health risks, and can usually be identified by a black or dark brown discolouration. However, airborne mould spores are much more difficult to detect and requires professional intervention. Mould requires moisture and an organic food source to survive, and can occur at any time of the year.

Our professional team of mould removal specialists will quickly establish the primary cause of a mould outbreak in your home. We’ll check your ventilation, identify sub-floor moisture and plumbing leaks, and identify moisture production from household appliances to keep mould out for good. Contact Mould Removal Australia today to organise an inspection of your home.