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We can remove mould from Manly Vale – Fast.

You’re coming home after a day out with the kids. It’s been raining and as you run inside the kids chuck their dirty damp shoes into the hallway and go to the bathroom to freshen up.

You walk to the kitchen to put the teapot on and realise the kitchen window was left open. Rain has gotten inside the home and now you have two messes to clean up.

As your cleaning up the damp spaces, you discover mould growing in the windowsill. You get curious so you start checking other areas of the home. You check your cupboards and also find mould.

You see, mould loves damp areas. Even damp shoes are an ideal breeding ground! And once you find mould, you need to take the right approach otherwise it will just spread, infecting other areas of your home.

Have you found mould in your home or property?

It’s vital to have a qualified professional remove all signs of mould from your home. We don’t use ventilation systems, dehumidifiers or ongoing programmed treatments. We use natural, non-toxic, evidence-driven techniques to remove and prevent mould in your home. And as for store-bought products. They tend to not work as effectively and usually end up spreading more mould around your home.

Moral of the story… Give our expert Manly Vale Mould Removal team a call on 1300 681 034 or email And start living a mould-free life sooner rather than later.