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Looking for a mould removal service in the Mackerel Beach? We can help

Many Aussies dream of living on the coast or near a beautiful beach. However, having the dream Aussie home isn’t all perks. It actually puts you more at risk of a mould infestation, especially during the colder months. Ever gone to the beach then run back inside the home with your damp swimmers and shoes? Did the water drip through-out the home? If this sounds like a likely scenario then your home might be at risk.

Mould loves any damp, dark areas. Mould is a living organism, belonging to the fungi family. It’s a complex organism, genetically distinct from bacteria and has the ability to spread and grow, given the appropriate conditions. Winter is the prevalent season for Mould to occur but Summer is no exception. Look out for places in your home containing moisture, a food source (any organic material) and is out of direct UV exposure. When these conditions are present, mould will rapidly grow and spread.

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