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No one loves mould. Lovett Bay Mould Removal at your service.

Our Lovett Bay Mould Removal team focuses on delivering the highest quality mould treatment solutions. Our experienced technicians begin by carrying out on-site inspections of your home to uncover mould-infected areas. Understanding the cause of the mould allows us to determine the most effective solution.

Once mould starts growing, it can easily spread across to different rooms, cross-contaminating your home. Mould can cause damage to surfaces, carpet and furniture. Leaving untreated mould can also pose serious health risks to your loved ones, even if the affected areas seem relatively minor. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is taking the proactive approach. Get a professional mould inspection every six months to discover any growing mould. It’s much easier to get rid of mould before it’s spread across your entire home.

If you haven’t had a professional mould check in the last six months or think your home may be infested then give Mould Removal Lovett a call on 1300 681 034 for an obligation-free quote. Alternatively, email us at