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Need a mould removal specialist in Lewisham? Talk to us today about our mould removal and prevention services.

Mould can be a real pest. It smells, it’s unsightly, and it can be very hard to get rid of. No matter how many times you clean the area, it just keeps coming back – often times worse than it was before!

Before running back to the shops for the next off-the-shelf mould removal solution, consider this – off-the-shelf products are filled with harsh chemicals and the promise of effective mould removal, but these products rarely kill all of the mould spores. This means the mould is likely to grow back.

If you’re serious about removing mould from your Lewisham home or business, you’ll need help from your local mould removal and prevention specialists.

Mould removal and prevention services you can trust in the Lewisham area

At Mould Removal Australia, we’re committed to removing harmful mould from Lewisham homes and businesses. We know how irritating mould can be and how difficult it can be to remove – we’ve been in the business for years! But we also have a lot of experience eliminating mould spores and stopping mould growth in its tracks.

After getting a free quote, one of our team members will come to your home at a convenient time for you and take a look at the area. We’ll determine the source of the mould infestation and treat the area with our natural, non-toxic solution.

However, our service doesn’t end there. We don’t just set and forget – we want the mould spores to be gone for good. After treating the area and cleaning up, we’ll offer practical advice on how to prevent mould from growing back.

Often times, mould is caused by condensation, damp and humid spaces, or even leaking pipes and roofs. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can stop mould from growing back again.

We use a non-toxic mould removal solution to stop spores in their tracks

Unlike most mould removal companies, we use a natural, non-toxic mould removal solution to eliminate mould from your home. A disinfectant concentrate, our solution is the same as the disinfectant they use to clean babies’ bottles, hospitals, and our drinking water.

Forget harsh, smelly chemicals. We take a more natural approach to mould removal – you won’t even know we were there once we’re done.

Get in touch with the team from Mould Removal Australia for a free quote!