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Our Lane Cove North Mould Removal Team Will Professionally Remove Your Mould.

Lane Cove North was traditionally home to many post-war houses that were built after World War II for returning veterans. In recent years, however, rapid redevelopment has brought many new modern house and apartment buildings to the area. Whether your residence is old or new, mould outbreaks can be a problem in this Lower North Shore location.

Never ignore mould in your home. You can generally identify a mould outbreak by a black or dark brown discolouration on your ceiling or internal walls. However, airborne mould spores can be present with no visual clues, and mould mites love to congregate in out-of-sight areas and on surfaces and furnishings throughout your home.

You can trust the expert team at Mould Removal Australia to professionally kill and remove mould and mould spores in your home. We use concentrated, safe, professional grade products to cleanse your home of mould spores and mites. Call us today to organise an inspection of your home.