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Expert mould removal by our team in Granville

Granville is located in western Sydney, just 22km west of the CBD. In 1855 it became the final stop on the first railway line in New South Wales. Today, modern new-build apartment complexes join a range of homes that span from modern residences right back to pre-war cottages. All homes in Granville, however, can be at risk of mould growth.   

Many homes suffer from moisture due to rainfall leaks, window condensation or high-humidity internal heating. This can cause ugly mould outbreaks that pose several health risks. Airborne mould spores can be released throughout your home, and mould mites can gather in out-of-sight places. 

Mould Removal Australia can provide an eco-friendly solution to your mould outbreak that’s good for your family and the planet. We can also provide excellent cosmetic outcomes with professional mould removal with no unsightly black residue remaining. Our expert team is standing by answer all your questions, so give us a call today.