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Expert mould removal by our team in Fairfield

Fairfield is a thriving city in the heart of western Sydney. It predominately boasts a mixture of older and new apartment complexes, alongside some surviving post-war homes. Fairfield is located within a mould risk zone, so homeowners should organise professional inspections every six months. 

A mould outbreak can be your worst nightmare. Bland and dark brown discolouration can quickly spread throughout your home wherever moisture is present. Airborne mould spores and hard-to-spot mould mites can also trigger a range of health complaints in your family. 

At Mould Removal Australia we use tried and tested professional mould cleaning techniques that really work. We target airborne mould spores and kills mould mites that gather on the fittings, blinds, curtains, carpets and other surfaces throughout your home. Call our expert team today to find a mould removal solution to suit your needs.