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Mould is a common issue faced in Darling Harbour

Wouldn’t it be a shame if instead of having a wonderful view of Darling Harbour, all you see if mould through your windows? Unfortunately, this is a reality for many residents, employees, and families residing in Darling Harbour.

Mould can be found anywhere at any time, therefore it’s important to put mechanisms in place to prevent the spread and growth of mould.

Thinking of removing mould yourself? Be careful. Many “off the shelf” solutions and products are not completely effective at killing off and removing many types of mould. In fact, some products can spread the mould and spores, cross-contaminating other areas of the property.

The best solution is to contact a specialist, like our team of experts located in Darling Harbour. We professionally kill and remove mould and mould spores with concentrated, safe, professional grade products. We can also help put prevantative methods in place to keep your property secture from mould for the many years to come.

Interested in learning more? Give our friendly team of mould removal professionals a call on 1300 681 034, or email us at info@mouldremoval.net.au.