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Mould removal services in Coasters Retreat

No-one is exempt from the Mould Crisis. Not even Coasters Retreat residents. However, there are ways you can minimise the risk of a mould infestation.

The first step to living a mould free life is to understand why mould occurs in the home. Mould is a living organism and belongs to the fungi family. Mould survives by eating organic matter in your home. Here are the particular conditions attractive to mould:

  • Moisture
  • A ‘food’ source (any organic material)
  • The right temperature range, out of UV light exposure
  • Spores (reproduction)

You’ve found mould growing inside your home. What next? You could reach out for the store-bought products however often store products aren’t powerful enough to fight the infestation, cross-contaminating other areas of your home. The most effective approach is the give Coasters Retreat Mould Removal team a call. We’ll take a deep dive into your home to figure out the cause of the infestation. Once we discover this we can use the appropriate mould methods to remove the infestation.

Ready to rid your home of mould? Call Mould Removal Coasters Retreat today on 1300 681 034 or email us at