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Professional Mould Eradication Solutions in Clemton Park

When mould grows in your home, it’s essential to directly treat the affected region before the invasion spreads, eventually covering your entire property.

There are lots of risks connected with letting mould grow in your home un-checked:

– Health risks
In high enough concentrations, moulds are capable of negatively impacting on our overall health. We can easily be exposed to these moulds through the ingestion of contaminated food items, breathing in mould spores in the air or skin contact.

– Termites will move in
Mould is attractive to termites and when termites move in, they’ll eat your home’s framework costing you thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The effective treatment of mould is made up of two key stages, first the management of spores, second, ongoing preventative measures.

At Mould Removal Clemton Park, we can help with both stages. During the first stage, we will do an inspection, noting the mould inside the house. After we have identified the main cause of the mould we are able to use the most appropriate products to eliminate the mould. Once we’ve rid your property of mould, we can talk with you about prevention tactics.

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