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Expert mould removal services in Careel Bay

Careel Bay residents have it pretty good. Freshwater coming from the Careel Creek, a nearby whale beach, a lake perfect for stand-up paddle boarding. Careel Bay is almost too good to be true.

However, there is one thing stopping Careel Bay from living in their dream homes. What’s the barrier? Mould.

When mould grows in the home, it’s crucial to directly treat the affected area before the infestation spreads, covering your entire home.

Here are the risks of letting mould grow in your home:

  • Health risks: In high enough concentrations, moulds are capable of negatively impacting our health. We can be exposed to these moulds through ingestion of contaminated foods, inhalation of mould spores in the air or skin contact.
  •  Termites will move in: Mould is attractive to termites and when termites move in, they’ll eat your home’s framework costing you thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Want to get the nasty mould out of your home before it impacts you and your family’s health?

The effective treatment of mould consists of two key stages, first the treatment of spores, second, ongoing preventative measures.

At Mould Removal Careel Bay, we can help with both stages. During the first stage, we will do an inspection, noting the mould inside your home. Once we have identified the cause of the mould we will use the most appropriate products to get rid of the mould. Once we’ve rid your house of mould, we can chat with you about future prevention tactics.

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