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Professional Mould Removal Services in Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is known for its Governor Philip Lookout and Red Hill Landmarks. What it’s not commonly known for is the mould crisis.

What exactly is mould? It’s a living organism, belonging to the fungi family. Mould occurs naturally and has the ability to spread and grow, given the appropriate conditions. So why is Beacon Hill a victim of Mould?

Mould growth can occur from moisture, a ‘food’ source (any organic material), any place which is out of UV light exposure and spores. When these conditions occur, mould will grow and cross-contaminate. That’s why it’s really important to be prepared.

Here are the common breeding grounds for mould:

  • Basements, cellars and garages
  • Behind or kitchen sinks
  • Behind or around laundry sinks
  • Bathroom walls and ceiling
  • Carpet and underlay
  • Storage areas, particularly if there is paper
  • Wall recesses
  • Window sills and frames

If you find mould in any of the above areas or in any other part of your property then give our team of Mould Removal professionals a call on 1300 681 034 or send us an email at We can schedule an obligation-free inspection and help you get back on track to living a mould-free life.