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Get Expert Mould Removal in Bar Beach. 

Set on Newcastle’s stunning Bar Beach on the edge of the CBD, the suburb is still home to many beautifully maintained historic homes constructed in the 1920s. These homes — and older apartment buildings in Bar Beach — are under direct threat of mould outbreaks, so homeowners should remain vigilant to the early signs of mould.

Coastal homes are prone to mould outbreaks. Rainfall leaks and window condensation can cause mould-causing moisture in your home. This can lead to black or dark brown discolouration in your home, and associated airborne mould spores can trigger a range of health complaints.

The expert team at Mould Removal Australia is highly effective at removing and killing mould to produce a clean, fresh finish with no black residue. And you can trust our unique eco-friendly application system that means no spraying unnecessary excess product into the air. Call us today for more information about how we can eliminate mould in your home.