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Say bye-bye to mould. Call Balmain’s Mould Removal Experts.

Let’s talk about mould.

Let’s start with a question. When’s the last time you checked your home or property for growing mould? A month ago, a few months ago? Never?

As a baseline, it’s best to get a professional mould inspection every six months. Early detection of mould is vital! Mould spreads fast and your entire home may end up contaminated.
Our expert Mould Removal team have been helping Balmain residents rid their home of growing mould for many years. We can start off by providing you with an obligation-free quote and inspect your home or property for any signs of growing mould. We do this by examining:

• Ventilation
• Sub-floor moisture and plumbing leakages
• Guttering and roof maintenance
• Moisture production from household appliances

Once we identify the cause of the mould and applying the most appropriate solution.
If you’re ready for your next (or first) inspection, call our expert Balmain team on tel:1300 681 038 or email us at