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Fast and effective mould removal services in Annandale.

You might have noticed the first signs of mould, have a serious mould outbreak on your hands, or simply want the expert team at Annandale Mould Removal to inspect and assess your home or property for mould risk.

We can help with reducing recurring visible mould, condensation, mould appearing on clothing and furniture and damp, stale, or mildew odours.

Our experts will begin with a property inspection to identify the types of mould and identify a cause. Once the inspection is complete we can apply the most effective solution to kill and remove the mould. Our products are fast, safe and effective. By the end of the process you will have a clean, fresh finish with no black residue remaining (in most cases).

If you’re facing a mould issue in your home (or just an inspection) then it’s time to call in the professionals Annandale Mould Removal to email or call 1300 681 034 for an obligation-free quotes.

Our mould removal professionals can help address your mould removal needs in Annandale

Are there spots forming on the ceiling at home? In the basement or bathroom? How about in your wardrobe?

Mould is a living organism which spreads and grows, eating its way through the house with no intention of stopping. It’s a scary thought but there’s nothing to fear – Mould Removal are the experts in removing mould from homes throughout the Inner West and Annandale.

Our qualified team are trained to find the source of mould (often basements, bathrooms, and windowsills), then safely remove it using a commonly used disinfectant concentrate which is used to sterilise baby bottles. Using domestic cleaning products and chemicals may help for a short while, but mould is relentless and needs proper treatment for permanent removal.

Mould Removal’s team of professionals have a strong reputation for providing fast, efficient service to the Annandale area, and constantly strive to achieve outstanding, lasting results for our customers.

Give Mould Removal a call today on 1300 681 034 or, alternatively, shoot us an email at for more information about our reliable mould removal services.

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