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Professional Mould Removal Services in Allambie Heights

Allambie Heights is a surburb in Northern Sydney and part of Northern Beaches. Along with the fantastic views and happy residents, Allambie Heights is also the home to mould.

Mould can be found virtually anywhere in the home. In cupboards, basements, even damp shoes and clothes! The worst part. Once mould is in your home and is left untreated, then it will cost a lot more time and money to remove it. That’s why prevention is the key.

To understand how to prevent mould, it’s important to know how it grows. There are two conditions required for mould spores to multiply and spread: moisture and organic matter to feed off.

Once the cause of the mould is discovered, taking preventative steps becomes a lot easier. The faster you act on mould prevention, the easier it will be to live in a mould free environment.

At Mould Removal Allambie Heights, we can help you to take the right steps towards effective long-term mould prevention. Simply call our team of experts on 1300 681 034 or send us an email at to schedule an obligation-free inspection.