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Professional mould removal technicians servicing Alexandria

The Mould Removal team is dedicated to providing fast, reliable service to suburbs of Sydney. Alexandria residents can rest assured knowing a qualified team of mould removalists is just around the corner and can see to the mould problem in your home at a time convenient to you.

We know mould growing in the home can be stressful – even worrying – so we strive to make our thorough inspections, cleaning, and removal as fast as possible to put your mind at ease. Our team can help identify the source of the mould and then, with ongoing treatment and cleaning, mould can be prevented from ever growing in your home again.

The experts at Mould Removal use a safe disinfectant concentrate which is used in hospitals, to sterilise baby bottles, and disinfect our drinking water systems, so you know our methods are designed to encourage your health and safety.

Get in touch with Mould Removal today to discuss our methods of removing mould from your home and organise an inspection for peace of mind.

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