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May 27, 2019 in Mould Removal

Mould spores exist all around us and are an essential part of the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean we should have to put up with them in the home. When exposed to damp, dark and humid conditions these spores can quickly multiply and result in a mould problem which can be unsightly, smelly and generally unpleasant.

We are often asked how to get rid of mould in the home. Here we set out the dos and the don’ts so that you know how to eliminate mould around the house for good.



When you go to the local supermarket or DIY store you will most likely find a number of household products that claim to get rid of mould. No matter what the labels may say, be aware that these domestic treatments are usually not strong enough to deal with the problem alone.

While they may remove the appearance and musty smell of mould in the short term, these off-the-shelf treatments are incapable of tackling underlying mould growth issues. This means that you will have to regularly keep tackling the same mould issues again and again.

You may even make the problem worse by spreading mould to other areas of your home.



Research the reason for the problem.
Take action to prevent mould occurring.

Let in fresh air
Open all doors and windows to allow air flow. This helps to dry of an excess moisture.

Let in light.
Light can prevent mould and even help to stop the spread of mould spores. Opening curtains and blinds during the day will help to maximise those all important daylight hours.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule.
While life often gets in the away of a regular cleaning routine. Not having a regular cleaning routine, can promote mould spores to multiply and breed. Add vacuuming, sweeping and mopping to your weekly cleaning list. 

Call in the professionals.
Don’t just remove mould from sight and smell, remove mould for good! Call in the professionals. We can help to remove the problem and let you know how to stop it returning in the future. 


Nobody should have to live in home that is blighted by mould. If you have a mould problem please do not hesitate to bring in the help of the professionals at Mould Removal Australia.

We service the Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens areas and offer premium mould inspection, prevention and removal services.

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