Five Steps in Successful Mould Removal

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August 24, 2012 in Mould Removal
  • Mould Testing

You may want to consult a professional mould removal contractor who can provide a home inspection and advice. They can easily determine if your house has a mould problem by investigating your home’s background. Is there a history of flooding? Has the roof or plumbing leaked? Is there any other structure default that may be causing the problem? They would also check for visible signs of mould, odors and other possible indicators to know the extent of the damage. Usually, the larger the affected areas, the higher the concentration of mold in the air indoors which then poses more health risks. A home inspection for mould helps the professional removal contractor determine how the remediation should be done and what kind of isolation strategies and protective equipment is needed to protect the workers, the occupants and their furnishings.

  • Mould Containment

The goal of this step is to eliminate the spread of mould throughout the house in order to minimize the exposure of everyone in the household to the mould. It is advisable that the whole place be sealed and only contained with the workers wearing protective equipments.  The level of containment depends on the size of area. A heavy growth of mould in a relatively small area could be more hazardous as it releases more spores than a lighter growth of mold in a relatively large area.

  •  Actual Mould Removal

The existing mould and mould source are taken care of in this step. To cut off the source of moisture, all materials that are saturated with mould should be discarded.

  •  Remediation

This is the clean-up process. The whole contained area is wiped down with a mouldicide-soaked cloth. All debris and damaged building materials are taken away and disposed of safely.

Performing mould removal isn’t that easy and is not definitely suited for a “do-it-yourselfer”. Just identifying the mould and its source is sometimes difficult and expert advice should be sought.  A professional may notice factors that others may overlook. Professional mould removal contractors are well trained in all the precautions that are necessary in dealing with mold. They also have complete mold remediation systems, consisting of meters, gauges, scopes, cameras, and personal protective gear that are required in order for them to do a thorough job. Mould remediation should be performed by professionals in order for it to be completed safely and effectively.