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September 27, 2012 in Mould Removal

Many people believe that it isn’t a difficult task to remove mould from your home, whether it be in the bathroom, laundry or ceilings and walls throughout the house.  You can just clean it off and all is done. Right?  Wrong!!

Unfortunately, if mould isn’t treated correctly and the source of the problem isn’t addressed then it will return.

Mould Removal

With a professional consultation the quote is free and a mould treatment for an uncomplicated mouldy bathroom starts at about $140.  An observational assessment and report costing about another $140 may be recommended, depending on the extent and source of the problem.

The treatment used by us here at Mould Removal is a special concentrated disinfectant applied with a brush that kills all mould.  To stop it coming back though you need to find the source.

If a bathroom is windowless, ceiling frans need to be left on for for an hour after showering or bathing, as just having them on during that time doesn’t do much.  Water needs to be wiped off floors and walls after showers.

If the mould source is something else like a leaking tap or pipe in a wall, then it needs to be repaired otherwise the mould problem will continue to be a nightmare.