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We offer expert mould removal solutions in Wallsend

The Newcastle suburb of Wallsend has undergone rapid redevelopment over the last several years, and many new residential developments are replacing the neighbourhood’s traditional pre- and post-war homes. However, mould outbreaks don’t just affect Wallsend’s older homes. New homes can also suffer from mould growth.

A mould outbreak in your home can be hard to control unless you act fast. Airborne mould spores can quickly spread mould growth throughout your home. All mould needs to thrive is moisture, the right temperature range out of UV exposure, and any organic material to feed off. Left untreated, a mould outbreak will quite literally eat your home.

At Mould Removal Australia, we don’t just clean and run. We’ll investigate the source of your mould outbreak to stop it reoccurring. Our expert team will identify any mould-causing moisture that’s present in your home, and recommend the action you can take to beat dangerous mould once and for all. Give us a call today for a friendly chat with one of our mould removal specialists.