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Professional mould removal and prevention in Strathfield South

Has your Strathfield South property got a mould problem? Then we’ve got the solution.

At Mould Removal Australia we use proven, effective mould removal techniques to get your home mould-free and fresh, fast. Using a safe concentrated antibacterial solution we kill mould at its source and stop it from spreading throughout your home.

Want to get rid of mould in your Strathfield South home? Get a free online quote to find out how we can help you.

Strathfield South mould removal specialists you can trust

Mould can form in any number of places in your home. It likes damp and dark, so often it will grow in places you can’t even see, like behind kitchen and laundry sinks, wall recesses and storage areas. It is also commonly found in walls, ceilings and carpets. It’s best to schedule a professional mould inspection every 6 months to make sure your property stays mould free.

What should you do if you find mould in your Strathfield South property?

Firstly, don’t try to get rid of it yourself. While there are commercial mould removal products available at places like Bunnings they are rarely effective. Despite being full of nasty chemicals they don’t remove mould completely, and any that is left behind will grow back.

Contact us if you think you have a mould problem for a free assessment and online quote. With our professional mould removal products coupled with expert mould removal knowledge, we will have your property feeling fresh and clean in no time – and we’ll make sure it stays that way with professional, tailored advice on future mould prevention.

Don’t delay – get mould removed from your Strathfield South home today

Unfortunately, mould is one of those things that just won’t go away on its own.

If you’ve got mould in your property, whether a large or small amount, it’s best to nip it in the bud with professional mould removal in Strathfield South. If you’re still unsure check out our incredible before and after photos to see how effective our fast, safe mould removal service is.

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