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Expert mould removal by our team in Potts Hill

Potts Hill in the Canterbury-Bankstown region of south-west Sydney is dominated by the Sydney Water owned and operated Potts Hills Reservoir. New apartment complexes are beginning to replace many of the older post-war homes in the suburb, but all property owners need to be vigilant against mould growth in this at-risk area. 

Have you noticed black or dark brown discolouration anywhere in your home? You could be suffering from a mould outbreak. Mould will quickly spread and grow throughout your home wherever moisture is present, and may release airborne mould spores throughout your home. 

Don’t let a mould outbreak take over your home. The sooner you act, the better. Call the expert team at Mould Removal Australia to safely rid your home of existing mould spores. We also offer a range of preventative services to ensure your home remains a mould-free zone.