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Expert mould removal solutions in Northmead

Located in Greater Western Sydney just a few minutes from the centre of Parramatta CBD, Northmead is a hilly, leafy suburb. It consists of a mixture of medium to low density family homes, plus a good number of townhouses and apartments. Like all Sydney suburbs, Northmead is prone to mould outbreaks and all homeowners should organise professional mould inspections every six months.

Mould thrives in any areas of your home with existing moisture and low light exposure. Normal window condensation is enough to introduce mould-causing moisture into your home. If left unchecked, airborne mould spores can spread mould growth throughout your home and contribute to a range of health conditions.

To beat mould for good, you need to find the source of the outbreak. That’s why our expert team conducts thorough home inspections to identify any mould-causing moisture present in your home. Call Mould Removal Australia today to find out how we can rid your home of dangerous mould spores and mites.