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Expert mould removal solutions in Merewether from the professionals

Beachside Merewether is home to some of the most exclusive modern homes in Newcastle. However, even the most luxurious new homes can suffer from mould outbreaks in this at-risk coastal location. That’s why it’s important to organise a professional mould inspection of your home every six months.

While living a coastal lifestyle is an Aussie dream, houses on the east coast can suffer from mould outbreaks. Simple things like drying clothes inside and leaving your curtains closed during the day can create the conditions required for mould growth and airborne mould spores in your home.

The expert team at Mould Removal Australia will leave no stone unturned to eliminate mould spores and mites in your home. We use concentrated, safe, professional grade products to stop  your mould outbreak in its tracks and return your home to the safe, healthy place it should be. Call us today to organise an inspection of your home.