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Our Lane Cove Mould Removal Team Will Professionally Remove Your Mould.

Occupying a peninsula on the northern side of Port Jackson in Sydney Harbour, Lane Cove is a thriving neighbourhood that presents a mixture of commercial and hospitality businesses alongside many affluent homes that date right back to the 19th century. Older homes are particularly vulnerable to mould outbreaks, however all building owners should remain vigilant.

Rainfall leaks, window condensation and low UV exposure can create an ideal environment for mould growth in your home. This can create unsightly black or dark brown discolouration in your home, and release airborne mould spores that will spread the outbreak and pose potential health risks to your family.

If you’ve spotted mould in your home, call Mould Removal Australia today for removal. We can also put in place important steps to prevent a future mould outbreak in your home. Get in touch for a mould removal solution that meets your needs.