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Expert mould removal by our team in Lakemba

Set in the Canterbury-Bankstown area, Lakemba is located just 15km south-west of Sydney CBD.While several new apartment complexes are emerging in Lakemba, it presents a majority of older post-war houses and unit blocks. These can be particularly susceptible to mould growth and homeowners should organise professional inspections every six months. 

Mould outbreaks are a problem for many homes located on Australia’s east coast. Existing moisture in your home is a rich breeding ground for mould growth. Mould spores are then released into the air in your home, which poses a range of health risks and will spread the outbreak throughout your home. 

Say goodbye to mould spores in your home without harming the planet. Our unique eco-friendly application system confines our professional mould-killing products to the target area, which means no unnecessary spraying of excess product into the surrounding environment. Call Mould Removal Australia today to find out more.