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Expert mould removal by our team in Glenhaven

Glenhaven is a beautiful semi-rural suburb in Sydney’s Hills District. It is home to many impressive million-dollar estates, some set on expansive acreages. However, even luxury homes can suffer from mould growth often due to moisture-causing leaks, window condensation and heating systems.  

Mould can grow anywhere in your home where moisture is present. It tends to cause ugly black or dark brown discolouration on your ceiling or internal walls. However, airborne mould spores and out-of-sight mould mites can also infect your home with virtually no visual signs.

Mould outbreaks don’t happen out of nowhere. There’s usually an underlying cause that needs to be addressed to eliminate mould from your home for good. Call Mould Removal Australia today to organise an inspection of your home that will check for mould-causing moisture that may be present in your ventilation system, sub-floor, plumbing and roof.