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Expert mould removal solutions in Cooks Hill from experienced professionals

Cooks Hill is a charming historic suburb on the edge of Newcastle CBD. It is home to popular cafes, restaurants and bars on vibrant Darby Street and features many stunning colonial and pre-war terrace houses. Older houses that suffer from roof leaks are particularly vulnerable to mould outbreaks, so homeowners should be aware of the early signs of mould growth.

Mould can grow and spread anywhere you find moisture in your home. That includes your basement, cellar or garage, under your kitchen sinks, in your bathroom and laundry, and even inside your walls. And airborne mould spores and mites can exist inside your home without detection.

Call Mould Removal Australia today to organise an inspection of your home. We can immediately remove any existing mould spores, and take steps to prevent future mould outbreaks causing problems at your property.